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Cara Saven Decor

Bursting with Pride | Tablecloth

Bursting with Pride | Tablecloth

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Immerse your dining experience in the delicate charm of this soft floral tablecloth, intricately illustrated with pink lilies in full bloom. The design paints a serene picture of nature's dance, as bees and butterflies gracefully visit each flower, bringing a tale of harmony and pollination to your tablescape. More than its ethereal beauty, this tablecloth stands as a testament to the practicalities of modern living: it's effortlessly machine-washable, perfect for tumble drying, and sidesteps the need for ironing. For a cohesive touch, team it with our sets of napkins crafted from the same low-maintenance fabric. Keep its poetic elegance intact with a wash at 30 degrees and a gentle tumble dry. Let your dining moments be caressed by the gentle whispers of nature's beauty.


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